Thursday, March 26, 2015

Where I Live

I no longer have "Tree Friends Through Screen" because... well, it's hard to relate to a palm tree. They just don't have much character.

That said, though, Austin's hardly ever ugly. (Only one time in my over-30-years here did I ever have no view at all: At a huge, generic apartment complex off Riverside Drive for 6 months back in the '90s. I moved in because it was a, woooo!, townhouse. And it did have an upstairs that I was initially impressed with. But in the front, both up and downstairs, it looked over a huge parking lot. There was no view from the back, except for a small fenced-off patio area. This was probably the worst place I've ever lived in my life. It reminded me very much of the Fort Worth apartment my dad moved into after my parents' divorce in the '70s, and the Fort Worth apartment I moved into after I divorced myself from my friends in 1988.)

Where I live now, at a small, funky complex in North Austin, does still look over parking lots... But they're small ones, and there are bikers, walkers, skaters, and greenery all around. It's not just a dead concrete hull. I'm not happy quite yet, but... I'm not depressed.

Front view through screen, to the Wellness Center and west.

Back view through screen, to the east.

Side view through glass, to the north. Forward!

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