Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My 9-year-old nephew was over a few months ago, and saw a postcard propped up on my bookshelf that he didn't approve of, because of a naked lady. He actually said (via the PC terminology of his educator mother), "That's inappropriate."

I had to be polite: "It's not appropriate for you 'cause you're 9, but when you're 49, like me, it's appropriate."

And now look at how fucking great and sexy the huge print of said inappropriate naked lady looks above my bed!! :)  If I went over to anyone's house and they had a huge Klimt print up, I'd probably sleep with them in a second. Klimt's appropriately sexy like that.

Full disclosure: Back in '89, when I went to my first not-yet-girlfriend's apartment the day after I had met her and made out with her, I had kind of forgotten what she looked like the night before, and I seemed to remember that she was a little weird. But when I saw her the day after, her living room furniture was circa-'60 turquoise-and-black leather, and her bedroom had a king-size bed with a red-velvet bedspread (which I found out later her mother had given her on her 16th birthday!! How cool was that! I, on the other hand, had, until I went off to college, slept in a single white/gold princess bed bought for me at age 5). I had been on the fence about sleeping with her, but her choices in furniture pushed me over in her favor.

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