Saturday, May 23, 2015


Since I first came to Austin in the mid-'80s, I've been fascinated by girls who dressed via vintage shopping. I thought they looked good, but I never knew how to achieve the look myself. I saw ads for such places in the weekly alternative paper, and I went to those shops every now and then, but never found anything that excited me enough to make shopping in such places a habit.

In my new location in North Austin, there are multitudes of vintage clothing and furniture shops around me, and I've only now started exploring them. Most, on first look, have carried things that were extravagantly overpriced. There's a retro furniture shop right next door, for instance, that places various items in the parking lot that I see every day when coming home from work --- the smallest and flimsiest of plastic mid-century end tables, they mark up to $175. No. Clothing shops in the area have been the same.

Aside from "retro" shops, which you might expect to mark up, I've also been annoyed by Goodwill and Savers shops -- which you would NOT expect to mark up, though they do. Both of these chains in my area feature dingy, overpriced items.

Long story short: Finally found a good place to buy stuff. Run by a local Episcopal church. I bought the 4 items pictured below for a total of $19.63.

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