Sunday, May 03, 2015

Back on a Plebe Bus

In September of 2014, Austin initiated a parallel "Rapid" bus system, with fewer stops and a 50-cents-higher fare than the regular buses. The higher fare doing a good job of weeding out the crazies that I'd before encountered on the regular city buses. On the Rapid, there were almost always just students and professionals.

My employer paid for all bus transport. Whatever Austin decided, I got to travel on for free. In late 2014, I still lived on the East Side of town, had to travel 20 mins to reach the new "Rapid," then another 10-20 minutes of standing around at the bus-stop, then 20 minutes to get to work.

By February 1, 2015, I'd intentionally moved north so I could walk straight to the "Rapid" and get straight to work, avoiding the changing of buses that added nearly an hour to my commute.

Today, a Saturday, I wanted to go back to my old hood, where a Marshall's was, so I could buy a specific type of face lotion that they always carried. And also get some shorts at the Old Navy at the same location. No Rapid, just a regular bus...

It was fucking ridiculous. On the way to Marshall's, a black toothless woman got on halfway there and proceeded to call out to every other person on the bus at the top of her lungs. If they answered, great, if they didn't, great. She, regardless, yelled out what was going on.

On the way back from Marshall's, a balding white homeless guy got on the bus and sat near me and, for some reason, immediately tried to engage me in Saturday's Mayweather/Pacquiao fight... Thinking that he was going to intimidate me, since I was a middle-aged white woman? He started by going on about how Mayweather was going to win the fight.

Me: I hope not. Mayweather's an asshole. I'm for Pacquiao.
Bus-guy, nonsensically (since I'd already mentioned Pacquiao): He's fighting some guy from the Philippines. There's a fight tonight.
Me: Yeah, Pacquiao. I hope Pacquiao kicks his ass. Mayweather's an asshole.
Bus-guy: He's fighting some guy from the Philippines.
Bus-guy: Do you even know anything about boxing?
Me: I know about THIS match. I can't stand Mayweather. I hope Pacquiao wins.
Bus-guy: It's on ESPN.
Me: No, it's not. It's pay-per-view only.
Bus-guy: Not it's not. It's on ESPN.
Me: You've got to PAY for this thing! It's NOT on ESPN.

After this, the crazy-ass went on and on and on, commenting on every single landmark we passed along the bus route. After I'd expressed a distinct opinion on Pacquiao, he'd left me alone, but soon meandered into what restaurants he'd been to, etc., and asked me about my opinion on one restaurant and owner:

Me: I have never been there. I don't give a shit about either this place or the owner.

Now, he really left me alone, and instead rambled out loud to the bus passengers in general.

I don't feel any guilt about being this hard, after listening to this asshole go on and on and on for miles. I've sometimes felt that maybe homeless people are simply neurotic because they don't ever have anyone rational to talk to. However, in the last few years that I've been around homeless people taking buses, I've learned that they're usually loud and fucked up and asshole-ish, incapable of carrying on a normal conversation, though they're obviously seeking to do so. I've also learned that they often seek to bully young people and white middle-aged women, like me.

Yeah, well... I will always get back in your face, idiot. I can't stand idiocy being spewed on me.

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