Monday, May 04, 2015

Dumb Person

Sunday night, I had a dream about a woman I was in love with back in '05 or so. In real life, she hosted karaoke at the gay clubs that I went to back then.

On one night at a club when I was particularly "on," I went home with her. We listened to Loretta Lynn on the way home in her car -- exactly what I wanted to hear.

Her apartment was generic, in a generic part of town, except for framed photos of herself that she'd posted around the house, which I'd found weird but sexy. Her cats' litter-boxes were overflowing, to the point where I had to say something. She, at 40-something, then told me about the 19-year-old that had recently been living with her who had once, in a fit of ADD pique, thrown one of her cats against the wall.

I listened to her, as she reconstructed her nails, talk about how she felt she was the reincarnation of the Black Dahlia, then later went upstairs and laid down with her on a mattress on the floor with used condoms scattered around it. We didn't do anything. In the morning, I woke up first, and looked at her for a few minutes before she, too, woke up. Then we took turns in the bathroom getting our faces together, making jokes about my soon-to-be "walk of shame."

I attended her karaoke nights for a couple of more weeks. That June, she ran off to Houston to get married to a guy she'd met at her high-school reunion. Temporarily broke my heart. They got divorced a year later.

She quickly moved back to Austin with a guy she'd met at a furniture store in Houston.

In the dream I had last night, she and I were lounging around a bed, and she was telling me about an acting gig that she had coming up, where she was supposed to portray a "lesbian lover." I helpfully told her that I could help her with that! We were lounging around, touching each other, kinda lovers but not really lovers.

End of dream. I hadn't thought of this woman in 10 years, but when I woke up today, I sure did think of her again! Went to the Internet (Twitter, Facebook) to see what she had been doing... She's been engaged to the Houston/Furniture-Store-Guy since 2012, and they recently bought a crappy little home 20 miles outside of Austin. Here's what The Guy recently posted on Facebook -- Houston Texans logos get 99% of his sporadic posts, but he did feel the urge for the below:

"Watering M and my OWN yard! It is a fantastic feeling!"

Thank god for some smart-ass who responded: "How often does M need to be watered?" (No reply.)

M, though distraught when I knew her, was glamorous and interesting and intelligent. And, according to her own Facebook page, she continues to host karaoke at gay clubs in Austin. While living at the below.

My intellectual problem... It's basically a trailer. With a sprinkler. With your guy super-proud of this (and not seeing anything to move beyond). That's what you ended up with: In a crappy place with puddles and a dumb person!

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