Saturday, May 09, 2015

Intellectually Challenged

My dad didn't care anything for me, OR do anything to help his child advance in the world! A right-winger, he once said he'd pay for his child NOT to attend college.

Pay for your child NOT to attend college --- What's the point of that? You want your child to work at a WalMart or at a state job?

Woops! I have a state job now!

What was your thought-process there, Dad? What exactly were you THINKING? Probably, you weren't thinking at all, just mouthing the back-burner "insider" idiocy you'd been hearing pre-Internet, thinking you were getting the "inside scoop on reality."

In fact, what you gave ME was utter fearfulness: No one loved me. No one was going to listen to me. Whatever I picked for a 12-year-old birthday dinner, for instance, was utterly stupid. (What did I have to choose from at 12? I'd seen nothing else but fast-food places.)

I knew innately that I was smart, but when I entered the University of Texas as a freshman, I was petrified. I'd never had an intellectual conversation (except with myself). It took me years before I could argue intellectually with any professor.

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