Friday, July 31, 2015


Today I finished solely editing a 400+ page scientific book aimed not at sales to captive school districts by educational publishers (as in my old days of group-edited textbooks), but rather to the general public.

I recognize that this news differs considerably from my usual posts here. Wouldn't it be amazing if all I had to share here were professional triumphs rather than my irritation with various shitty people in both my public and private life?

Finishing this book gives me some idea of what actual professionals experience on an ongoing basis.

When you're young, the emotional bullshit is kind of interesting: At least someone's interacting with you. As you get older, though, and start to establish yourself in other ways... You start to gravitate toward things that might satisfy you intellectually (i.e., what you were interested in before you started thinking that who paid attention to you sexually was the most important thing in your life.).

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