Monday, July 13, 2015

How could I forget this from my Saturday bus adventures??

I was at a bus stop on Burnet on Saturday after getting take-out to take home. The one guy next to me at the stop was 275+ pounds and had a plastic tray of wings that he was busy scarfing down amid car fumes and the 100-degree heat. I was fascinated by his slurping in public and couldn't stop looking at him despite trying not to. After 10 minutes or so of my looking/not looking, the tragic happened: He accidentally knocked over the remainder of the tray of wings onto the pavement! I was worried for him --- he'd obviously been looking forward to those wings... what was he going to do now? Go back into the supermarket behind us for another tray? Just give it up? Never fear. He had some take-out napkins with him. He scooped the fallen wings up off the ground with the tray, swiped at them with his napkins, and then dug into them again.

[photo below from the Internet, not the actual guy]

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