Wednesday, July 08, 2015

P.S. I Love You

Was just thinking about Ginny, whom I was madly in love with when I was senior in high school and she was a junior. But, aside from our high school connection, I was madly in love with her because I wanted to be YOUNG also in the future with her. I wanted to be in college and see bands and write poetry and get a first apartment, and have my first sex, etc.

She dumped me once I went off to college.

At nearly 50, I don't miss her so much as I used to. At nearly 50, I've done everything on my own (to a much lesser extent, quality-wise) than I once dreamed about doing with her.

All of my actual history with her was from February 1983 through August 1983 (and a few singular incidents after through '85, when she ran off to Austin, where I was at college). I was in love with her through 1988, when I called her parents' home in Georgia to find out she'd died ("We thought we'd told all the Azle people.").

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