Saturday, July 18, 2015

"The planets are now shaking you like a fruit tree"

Your horoscope for July 18, 2015 
 What do you have to lose? The planets are now shaking you like a fruit tree in the hopes of ridding you of your old objectives to make way for new growth. You feel doubt where once there was only certainty. When you consider the worst that can happen, it may help you realize that what you are clinging to so dearly really is not all that important to you. It's time to let go and begin anew.


No shit! :)  I think a perfect example of the above is my meeting with Sandra a couple of weeks ago. Sandra, of the "7 years of wanting Sandra" Sandra. I will not say anything more in particular other than one thought that ran through my head during that time: "She's not listening to any thing that I say." The whole two days were like that. I finally just shut up and kind of sat there, interacting more with her sassy dog.

What I was clinging to "so dearly" really is "not all that important" to me. I do want companionship, but not just physicality -- there has to be some intellectual interaction!

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