Friday, July 31, 2015

You Do Not Do, You Do Not Do

Another thought about my father as I near my 50th birthday: He's never done anything to ensure that his offspring would be better off than he was.


He was born Poor White, 1940, and constantly railed against "niggers" and their irresponsibility. But when it got right down to it, he didn't do anything for his own children. And he didn't work a day in his life past the age of 40, thanks to a government stipend granted to him after 20 years in the military.

I went to college on a very small scholarship ($1000 total), and then my mother (on her very small government salary) sending me $100 a month. After that, I took out government loans. To this day, I'm paying over $400 a month from my salary to pay back my student loans.

What was my father thinking? Nothing? (My advice to Daddy: Don't act intellectually/morally superior at all if you're not willing to help your children be more than retail sales-people. Whatever I've accomplished in my life has been in spite of you.)

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