Friday, August 14, 2015

Paul McCartney - Beautiful Night (1997)

I'm grateful for any human interaction.
Today, a researcher where I work, who grew up with the Beatles, said he preferred George. Because he was laid-back and non-dramatic. Because he went about his business while creating. (My argument to my co-worker: Yes, but George blew his wad with "All Things Must Pass" and didn't do much of anything after. I appreciate the fact that he wasn't sufficiently appreciated while with the Beatles --- but when he was free to do whatever... he didn't do much else after "All Things Must Pass." )

When I first discovered the Beatles in 1980 as a 15-year-old, I preferred the intense-and-meaningful John. I posted his lyrics to "Working Class Hero" and "Woman Is the Nigger of the World" on my walls.

As I've grown older, I like Paul-the-hard-core-CREATOR much better.
The man at work admired George Harrison for being a "balanced" man... I, on the other hand, present Paul McCartney as the ultimate "balanced man" --- constantly mocked by John et al for being "un-cool," while simultaneously raising a family and releasing wildly better records than John Lennon (who creepily sniped at McCartney for being overly prolific with both kids and records while he himself produced nothing).

I'm going to lend the George-man at work, who says he hasn't kept up with Paul, a 1997 Paul biography plus the 1997 Paul "Flaming Pie" CD.

As for John: "They've got castles in Versailles"... Don't know that you ever came up with a segue like that. You should have been there for this.

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