Monday, February 22, 2016

Poetry vs. Instruction Manual

Prior to the Republican South Carolina primary last Saturday, CNN hosted two Town Halls with Rubio/Cruz/Carson on Wednesday and Trump/Bush/Kasich on Thursday.

I watched both evenings (albeit with the TV on in the background while I worked on my Joan Crawford website at the kitchen table in the adjoining room).

Rubio was flowing, Kasich was flowing, and, surprisingly, even Bush seemed to be flowing. I liked listening to all of them. On the other hand, when Trump came on, I found him not so inspiring, purely speech-wise. Because I support Trump, I wanted to be inspired by what he was saying, but I wasn't.

But that was OK.

Listening to Rubio reminded me of listening to Barack Obama back in 2008. Very pretty. I'm 50 now, and I was 42 back in 2008, so I'd been around a while and thus wasn't blindly inspired either year. Back in '08, I voted for Hillary in the primary and for McCain in the general election. I wondered then what Obama brought to the table. He hadn't personally accomplished anything up to that point. Sarah Palin, the Republican VP, had, in fact, more credits on her resume. Obama's sole power lay in his ability to speak well, his glibness. Pretty, but meaningless.

Rubio, same exact thing. He sounds good, but he's accomplished nothing.

At the CNN Town Halls I listened to last week, Rubio's prose was close to poetic. Bush and Kasich were very good prose. instruction manual.

But Trump has actually created thousands of jobs. Trump would actually be better at negotiating trade deals with China, Japan, Mexico. Trump would actually be better at confronting tough international foes like Putin and ISIS. Trump would actually be better at rebuilding our infrastructure. Trump would actually be better at negotiating health-care/pharmaceutical deals across state borders for the cheapest rates.

Unlike Cruz and Rubio, he's not a religious nut with no real-world experience. Unlike Clinton and Sanders, he's actually created jobs and built things and negotiated internationally.

Frankly, I now want a plain-spoken Instruction Manual (with a hint of poetry). I've been cruising on poems alone for 50 years now, to absolutely no avail.

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