Sunday, March 06, 2016

Bay City Rollers - It's A Game (World Premiere) @ Disco 1977

After months of arguing with my mother and brother about WHERE IN THE HELL WAS MY BAY CITY ROLLERS German version of their "It's A Game" album supposedly stored in one of their houses... I finally just gave up investigating and ordered the damn German version of the album on eBay! :) I hadn't realized that a mere $10 spent online could shut up the whole stupid argument!

p.s. The above video from the TV show, I actually saw on German TV. In the summer of 1977, my mom and me and my brother had "escaped" for 6 weeks to Germany to get away from my abusive father back in Texas, thinking that the "break" would calm him down. It didn't. Upon our return, a few weeks later, he shot at her, and she only then, after 15 years, filed for divorce. (Thank god. Some kids are disturbed by divorce; I thanked god that my nasty father was out of our lives.)

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