Sunday, March 20, 2016


Spent the weekend not drinking a thing, just reading the 2-volume Elvis bio by Peter Guralnick. The lengthy innocuous detail was mainly tedious -- I was looking for some grit. What I learned: (1) He was a humble but enlightened person; he was spooked by his "enlightenment." (2) Elvis mainly wanted to kiss and cuddle in bed. (3) He was on a spiritual search, and his main source was "The Impersonal Life" by Joseph Brenner. I went to order this on Amazon, but then realized: If THIS was Elvis's spiritual guide... it didn't work so well.

I was also pruriently interested in his relationship with Linda Thompson in his last 4 years. She was described as being extremely "nice" and "understanding." She went on to marry Bruce Jenner in 1981.

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