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Portrait of Steph at 15: 1981 Azle Hornet Yearbook

My yearbook issued the spring of my sophomore year of high school, and the things people wrote in it. p.s. I do promise to always STAY SWEET! Trust me, y'all.

Steph, Boy after this year I can't wait to see what wild stuff you and Shelly come up with next year. but even though you're a little strange sometimes you're still a good friend and I hope we can get to know each other even better and have even more fun next year. Love Carla '83.

To a sweet and good [illegible]. I want your body. [illegible]

It has been an unusual experience knowing you. A.L.

To a nice gril,
Who ackts like a fool
in the back of the
Best wishes
Missey   I love you
Peace Man

Stephanie, You are one of the most crazest people I've ever meet. You'll make it in what ever you do, because you so out-going. I hope you get what ever your going after. Have a super summer. Lynda Stewart. Sr. "82"

I realy like you,
I love you,
I would like to take
you out some time
Your friend
allways, Lonnie

Steph, I know you can't help it when you go crazy but you could at least help Mrs. Wilson understand. Understand? Oh, well. Anyway, I'm really glad I know ya even though you get on my nerves. Not really. Don't change the way you are. Love ya, Lisa.

Steph. An OK person and a sorta friend. I want your body. Les.

Steph, Riding in my car was a honor for you wasn't it! No, seriously this year has been great fun, and Drama, or should I say Theatre Arts has been a blast! You've got a lot going for you and wish you all the best! Lotsa luck n God Bless! Cheryl Coomer

To a Real creap that lives next door to me. You drive like Virginia. Really your a cool neighbor with a crazy personality! But your cool just like me! I hope you enjoyed Chruch Camp and going to church 4 times a day! (ha! ha!) You really feel-in-love with Charlie so don't lie! Really thanks for being a crazy friend. And using me for my Space Invadors game and trampoline. Stay cool and Good luck on wishing for a cute guy to move in, in my house! Well Sweetheart I love you but I'm running out of room so gotta go. Love Your Sweetheart Marla.

Stephanie, You're a very nice girl no matter what Debbie and Shelly say. You're very bright and have alot of potential. Good luck next year and always. I'm sure you will be able to accomplish everything you strive for. If there were such a thing I think you would be voted most likely to become President (or screw things up good trying) Just kidding! See you next year Tim Fitzgibbon

Hi "Stephanie"  Have enjoyed you in my class, not only because you are a good student, but also because of your sense of humor. I don't know why, someday you're real wild. But your lots of fun. Good luck. Your favorite teacher Mr. "H."

Steph, I really wanted to say I love you very much and I wouldn't have been able to make it thru this year without you. Sorry this is Sloppy but I'm sneaking this in. Love "Me" (SMB)

Steph, It's been fun this year and I'm sorry we didn't have any classes together. Beware of the toilets. Gaye Sr. '83.

Steph, Hey thanks for being a friend  you are the niciest and the sweetest person I have known   You are so luck being in Dama Because of Randy Mayhew and Shawn Scott. But Now I just think of them as friends now Because of Gene Chatham and now I even think of Kiven as a friend to   Just a friend  OK   Ps Good luck with all the guy's ok  Carrie Thompson

Steph, Well here passes by us another year. It has really been great having you in my English. We did have some good times together. You are a super great person and I really care for you a lot. You having such a good career in acting that I want you to persue that to the upmost of your ability. I know you will go very far in life because you really deserve to. The best of luck always and PLEASE remember me when you are a STAR!! Have a terrific summer and hope we have some classes together next year. Love always, Kenda Pettet

Steph, As you said in my annual, I don't really know what to make of our friendship. I know we're not that close like we used to be... but I still want you to know that I REALLY do care what goes on in your life. And I will go ahead and say this even though I know you won't but... If you ever need anyone to discuss your problems with I promise I will listen. Calm down a little, life is just as fun if you aren't Japanese. Love, Debbie Scott

Steph, You're very reliable information source for English, THANKS. I thought it was really dirty what you did to me with that very very very fake note to Shelly. I didn't appreciate that. Neither did Rona. But I understand it was all a big joke, Ha, Ha. Thanks for the real fun times and you were wrong about borrowing my paper in the 7th grade, it was the 6th. Love, Clint Riddle Hopper

[In index, arrow drawn to something in the margin.] Stephanie.. Whose bugger is this. Your gross to carry buggers in your annual. Oh well I like you anyway I guess. Jody. God Bless You.

Steph, You nigger butt! Well, I've known ya since 8th and I'm still not sure what's hit me. But I kind o' guess your my friend. Well, you're for sure my friend. So since you're my friend, I'll say good-bye and goodluck and see ya next year   NIGGER!!!   "Me" 

Stephanie, You are a very sweet girl. You have really changed my way of life a lot. HA! HA! Kevin SR 84

Dear Stephanie, I hope you had a good year and a fun time, this year. I know I did. You are right, I do think you're kind of strange, but what the HECK everyone to their own fling. You really surprise me with some of the things you do... Have fun this summer! Be happy! Love, Karen Johnson

Steph, It's been a blast having you in classes! You all-ways seem to make a boring day fun. Your a real sweet person with a great personality, even though you're strange at times. Stay the way you are and I know you'll always have fun and go far in life. Best of Wishes in everything your do. Love ya, Kathy Pullig

Stephanie, You're crazy and fun to be around. You gave World History a better name. I really enjoyed working in Up the Down Staircase with you. Stay cool, and see you next year. Have a nice summer. Luv, Nance  Sr '83

Hey Stephie baby, It's been a great year. If it weren't for you and Shelly I never would have survived Terezin. Take care, have a great summer and I'll see you next year! And a word to the wise, "Never try to inhale a piano." Love ya! Marilyn (Raja)

To a real foxy lady, and a nice girl, and a good friend. Good Luck this summer, and in the future. Hope to have some classes together. Love ya, Sr 83   Bill Collard

To a Neat Broad   Keep cool and Don't let the Vapors get you down   Love -- Dale  -Alias- Master Blaster

To a real nice girl that keep a nice smile   Love Brad Beaver

S. J.   I've only known you in driver's ed,  But I only have several things to say. 1st  When you say you hate me I say you better -- you better, you better, you bet. And last if you and me where the last people on earth, the human population would become extinct. I'm just kidding, I really like you as a friend O.K. It's been great. Ronnie D.

Stephanie, You're a wild and crazy girl, It's been fun in Science (Burl's class) HA HA   I'll never forget the memories, such as the M & M's, the window, January, February. M---A---R---C. Walking out of class without permission. Those were the good old time's, huh. Well I hope to see ya next year! F/F Shelley Cooley   STAY SWEET

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