Sunday, May 22, 2016

Being Mad

Over the years, especially now that I turned 50 last summer, I've understood that one must be more philosophical about things that piss you off. You'd think that once you turned 50, that many things that once bothered you as a youth wouldn't bother you any more.

Not true. For instance:

I've complained here before about the loud guy downstairs. For the past 2 weeks, he's been on vacation, though. While he was gone, I kept thinking: "What was I so mad about? This apartment is fine! I really like it here." However, today The Dick came back with a vengeance: Same loud asshole voice. Same door slamming (that shakes my apartment upstairs) every time he comes in or goes out.

My dilemma is: I vowed over 6 months ago to purchase a car (after 9 years of being without one) if Donald Trump got the Republican nomination -- just so I could bare my soul and put my "The Donald 2016" sticker on it. Now that it's obvious he'll do so, I want to be true to myself and get the car. At the same time, my apartment lease is up at the end of August, and I must decide by the end of June whether I'll move...

I want the car, I want the new place... But I can't quite afford both. I can barely, but I can't quite. I'm scared financially to attempt both.

My apartment setting has been a dilemma pretty much from the beginning, back in February 2015. The screaming Hispanic kids who were initially running around have pretty much ceased. (The kids still live here, but at least they're not shrieking in front of MY apartment any more.) There's the white biker who revs up several times a day unnecessarily in the parking lot (seriously --- I used to think that bikes couldn't help but be that loud, but have since learned that the owners have full control over the throttle setting). There's the fat-ass black gang-banger with the rims on his outdated Chevy Malibu who pulls in after midnight and sits there for 10 minutes blaring his bass (most recently last night at 3:50am). There's the Asian college kid who leaves his front apartment door open and blasts his music.

Which of these are to be considered "normal" for apartment life? I've lived in apartments off and on for a couple of decades, and I've never come across this constant level of annoyance. The worst, though, has to be The Dick downstairs constantly yelling and slamming doors.

As of this date, I want a car more than I want a different place to live. (The creeps on public transportation are pretty much as bad as The Dick downstairs, who at least goes to sleep by 10:30pm.)

It's amazing to me that I have a Master's degree, and 18 years of experience as an editor, and still cannot afford to get away from scumbags.


Jennifer said...

Get a car first. Invest in some Bose noise cancelling headphones, then renew your lease. At least if you can't tolerate it, the car gives you the freedom to get up and go if the noise gets to be too much. Freedom to go to a movie. Freedom to go to the store. Freedom to just get some peace and quiet. When you don't want to go, just put the headphones on. It's cheaper than moving and I think you would be so happy with a car.

Beth Austin said...

I think a car will definitely be first. After 9 long years without one (sold mine in 2007 when I moved to NYC; was fine without one there for 3 years, but being without one in Austin for the past 6 is now Very Annoying)---it's time!

I don't have to decide on moving until the end of June... By then I'll know for sure whether or not I can afford it by end of August; if I can come up with an extra $1000 (selling crap on eBay and Craig's List, working overtime if it becomes available), I should be able to afford the car AND the move! I REALLY need a duplex or a garage apartment --- too many annoying people in my current complex!