Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Financial decisions abound: As I've mentioned, I don't think I can BOTH get a car AND leave my current apartment complex when the lease is up at the end of August (with lease decision having to be made by the end of June, and car having to be bought by the time Trump is declared the Republican nominee in July -- the latter is my own deadline!).

I clearly have enough money for ONE of the two. (Car comes first.) I ALMOST have the money for both --- but coming up with the extra for both will be stressful. I don't know how I'm feeling about exerting myself right now. Trust me, I had enough stress over the past 8 or so years to last me a long, long time, and I don't want to create unnecessary stress. (But I'm also not averse to getting pumped up, as some are... Some days I lie around like a slug, but other days, I wake up thinking/knowing: "Just do it.")

My apartment is in a great location, only a few miles from work.
My apartment is a perfect size for me (800 sq ft).
I'd be saving so much money by not moving. (I took the apt over as a sublet in Feb. 2015 and didn't have to pay any deposit. It's also only $925 a month, a real bargain for Austin right now. If I moved, I'd have to come up with probably at least $1200 in a new deposit, plus pay $1000 to get all of my furniture moved.)
I like how my apartment looks; I'm happy here when it's quiet.

Annoying neighbors.

Constantly yelling guy downstairs, accompanied by constant door slamming. The 50-something black couple has lived there, according to apt manager after I complained about the guy last year, for the past 15 years; they're not going anywhere. But then the man also "travels a lot." The times when he's traveling are delightful. Because he's NOT traveling most of the time, though, I've had to completely give up my spare room that I wanted in the beginning for a study, because the guy hangs out in the room right below and shouts. A full quarter of my apartment has been lost to me for the past year; I just use that room for storage now, moving my computer to the kitchen table out front --- where I then have to listen to all of the comings and goings in the parking lot out front... which I normally wouldn't have had to hear had I had my "study" available to me!

Screaming kids. This problem fades in and out. The initial family 2 doors down with 3 little kids who rode their trikes and scribbled in chalk in front of my apartment and played on the staircase right next to my living-room wall have calmed down a LOT. Guess the young parents have been taking them to their grandparents' or something. There's also the trio of 12-year-old boys who like to skateboard up and down the sidewalks on the floor below -- also not heard from recently, but they sucked when they were active.

More minor annoying people.  During the day, a student in one apartment likes to keep his door open while playing music. The gay couple next door used to have "dramatic" conversations in the stairwell next to my living room wall (not recently, though). The biker guy that I wrote about over the Memorial Day weekend is usually quiet except for his obnoxiously loud revving of his bike every time he comes or goes. The seemingly gay guy and his "mother figure" like to hang out in the parking out (which my apartment overlooks in the front) and hug and talk constantly when the weather's good.

If the nasty, yelling guy left, I probably could stand the rest of it. Given that guy's constant loudness, though, I always feel on edge, waiting for the next SLAM of the door or the daily (when he's home) hours-long barrage of BLAH-BLAH-BLAH. Reminds me of living on edge with my father as a youngster. It's disgusting to me that I'm still feeling on edge at age 50 because of yet another asshole (and this one not even within my own home -- again, no control!).

Financially, and a little bit aesthetically, I feel I should stay. Psychologically, I want to get the hell out of here. I think I need to go with trying to avoid being constantly DISTURBED. (Though... Things could always be worse... And I will seriously have to live a more constricted way of life if I do move to a more expensive place to avoid creeps.)

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