Thursday, June 30, 2016

My 10 Favorite "Trailer Park Boys" Moments

Not at all MY favorites, since I've never seen the show, but in honor of the kid I met today who really loves the show.

Was introduced to the show today at my bus-stop by a 20-year-old stoner not quite sure where he was. He first asked me if he could "buy a water off of me." When I told him, no, I just had my one water bottle that I was drinking out of, he looked dismayed. But, hey, there was a building right there that had a water fountain... Was he allowed in there? Sure. How exactly could he get in there? Um, see that sidewalk? Just go up it and go into that building and then take a left --- there's the water fountain. Really? Yes, really --- just, just go up that sidewalk. No one's going to kick me out? No, man. You might miss the bus while you're gone, but... just right up that sidewalk into the building.
The kid finally attempted it and managed to come back. "That water sure tasted good!" He had just gotten off work at a nearby Subway, was on his way to work at another Subway. Where was he? What was that place he just went into? Part of a college campus. Could he smoke dope here? Well, no, not if he saw a policeman driving by; then he should probably put his joint away.
My standing-around-the-bus-stop companion, a 60-year-old long-hair from Boston enmeshed in local politics, then mentioned the show "Trailer Park Boys" and the kid lit up: He LOVED that show! He'd seen every episode! He'd smoked pot with 4 teachers before... The two started naming favorite characters and episodes. At this point, another bus-stop friend walked up and I started talking to him, leaving the kid to my Boston friend: As I found out from Boston later (when he sat next to me on the bus to avoid talking to the kid any more), the kid was a high-school dropout, currently working at 3 Subways and 1 other place (which I didn't catch the name of), for a total of 75 hours per week. His goal was to become a salesman.
I'd never heard of "Trailer Park Boys" before, which has apparently been around for 10 years! "Can you read, my son?" "Well, that depends..."
I'll partially miss this type of interaction in the future; that is, when I have a car and don't have to be around this street rawness firsthand. I'm 50. I've been seeing this for 30 years, not to mention the constant low-class angst around my home while growing up. (My dad married up; my mother's family was calm and respectable, never the ridiculous drama-factory that my father came out of and then perpetuated in our home---My father would get mad over any tiny thing, and blow it up to gigantic, ultimately painful proportions. He always had to create a scene about something. He had a talent for turning seemingly positive things into ugly things (a Dallas Cowboys game, a visit to South Dakota, my driving test --- They should have all been special...He turned all of these into shitty, hate-filled memories for me).

I now want a well-deserved break from the supposedly never-ending stupidity.

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