Tuesday, June 07, 2016

My apartment complex is messing with my head!

It's been quiet for the past few days --- and when it's quiet, I get to thinking, "Well, why not just stay here? It's perfectly OK!" Which is what I WANT to believe, since I don't quite have enough money to both get a used car in the next month AND move (deposit + moving company) by August...

But I know it's a trick! Any second now, that loud dick downstairs is going to start yelling, as he has constantly for the past year. The screaming kids have also been silent for the past few weeks... But I know that family's car -- they're still here -- and I know that they're also going to kick in at any time!

I do not want to move --- it's a huge hassle, and it's $1000 down the drain for nothing if you can help it. But, gawd, I want some "protection"! A garage apartment or a duplex, where my chances of disturbance are greatly minimized.

That said: A duplex is no guarantee of peacefulness! Back in the late '90s, I had a duplex in a semi-bad part of town. The next-door neighbor was a working Hispanic woman with a teenaged kid; she was apparently often out of town, or else asleep, because on several occasions, her kid and his friends were whooping it up around their "house" --- at one point, actually climbing on and running around the ROOF of the house, to the point where I had to call the cops. Not that the police then did anything... I only lived in that place for about 8 months; during that time, my duplex was burgled --- I'm pretty sure by the kid next door, only... he thought it was MY place he was burgling after I'd left for Christmas vacation... Because of the way the duplex was laid out, though, he was actually trying to break into my duplex-mate's portion of the dwelling --- and THAT guy had a big-ass dog that scared the would-be burglar away -- only after a broken window, etc.

In short, that duplex was a constant bunch of shit, in more ways than one. Aside from the juvenile delinquent kid next door, there was also a scourge of lizards that gathered on the side of the building whenever I'd go out and leave the porch-light on. Also the location where a random driver crashed his car into my bedroom wall and then left his car there after he ran off --- the police didn't arrive for 6 hours after I called them! (The idiot left a job application to a gay bar on the passenger seat. He was ultimately easily tracked down.) And, to top it off: When workers were later in my home to repair the wall that the driver had crashed into, one of them took a royal shit in my toilet --- spewing shit all over and under the toilet bowl; when I called the management company to complain, they didn't seem to comprehend what I was telling them: "Seriously: One of your workers literally left SHIT all over my toilet!" Since they played dumb, I had to clean that nastiness up myself.

I would say that THAT place was most likely the worst I'd ever lived in. They were shady up until the very end: The deposit was low to begin with, and one of the caveats was that I, the tenant, was responsible for mowing the lawn of the backyard. Now, a week before I moved out, I had specifically asked my brother, as a birthday gift, for a lawn-mowing, which he did for me. Yet, the leasing company STILL tried to charge me at the end for NOT having mowed the lawn... I think they were used to tenants not bothering; when they found out that I'd indeed bothered, they backed down. At the end of it all, I got maybe $50 back out of an initial $300 or so.

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