Sunday, June 19, 2016

OJ Simpson: Made in America

I've been watching ESPN's "OJ Simpson: Made in America" program all week. Very, very heavy and sad. I understand (as I did at the time) that black Americans were disgruntled by long-term and more recent abuses at the hands of the LAPD (e.g., Rodney King in 1991). But I also could not fathom the cheering by blacks at Simpson's "Not Guilty" verdict. To me, that reaction was sick.

The murder/Bronco chase/verdict were all tied up for me with my own personal plans to go to San Francisco for grad school in a writing program in the fall of 1994. The murder happened on June 13, 1994; the Bronco "low-speed chase" happened four days later on-air during the NBA playoffs (with the Rockets) that I was watching while still in Austin.

The verdict came down a year later, at 10am on October 3, 1995, while I was waiting at a bus-stop on Geary Street in San Francisco to take me to the San Francisco State University campus and my job there. I'd been watching the trial coverage on the news that morning, finally had to leave home for my job. Learned of the verdict at the stop when a carload of black guys drove by whooping and shouting out some version of "Go, OJ!"

I felt sick to my stomach.When I arrived at my library job, my older white female boss (who had heard the news) and I just looked at each other. A little bit later in the morning, a black student came in to the library office for some mundane matter... My boss and I looked at each other again. My boss was the most liberal of San Franciscans, and I was a liberal Democrat at the time. But we both at that moment were silently, angrily ANTI any black person that happened to walk into the office at that moment.

This week's ESPN program made it clear that previous abuses of blacks at the hands of the LAPD contributed greatly to the sense of triumph that some black people might have felt at the announcement of OJ Simpson's "Not Guilty" verdict. As interviewees from the program stated: "Now you [white people] know how it feels." And "This is payback for Rodney King and for 400 years." And then there was the statement by one black commentator that the OJ verdict was "like the day Jackie Robinson opened the door for black players." (Really?? You sick fuck.)

I understand blacks' anger at past treatment. But I don't, however, give any credence whatsoever to their nearly uniform approval of OJ Simpson's murder of his ex-wife. Such approval seems both sick and unintelligent and irrational. I'll never support any group of people who agreed (77%) that OJ was innocent of the murder of his ex-wife.

See the murder "pics" below. You happy with this, "Black Community"?

A p.s. One of the last times that I spoke to my father was while I was in San Francisco during the OJ trial. At that time, while we were discussing the case on the phone, he actually said to me, his daughter, re Nicole Simpson, "She was bought and paid for." See the murder "pics" below, Daddy. That's what happens when men like you think your girlfriend/wife/daughter is "bought and paid for."



Alessandro Machi said...

By showing those pics to prove your point, does that mean you are against abortion as well?

Beth Austin said...

Alessandro, I don't at all see what the OJ murders have to do with abortion. (Your asking that makes me think that you somehow think of me as liberal on the abortion issue. That's incorrect.)