Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Seven" by Prince

I considered Prince a muse when I was young.
As it turned out, he was way more fucked up and clueless than I EVER was.
As it turned out, he spent most of his time posing A Way and yet never having one.
It's confusing: He, on the surface, was very decadent. Yet he alleged in interviews that he was actually very religious and "pure," at least as far as his diet (vegetarian) and drugs (none) were concerned. And even his sex/love life: He couldn't sustain a relationship, but presented himself as being "honest" and/or a "player"---way beyond his 20s and 30s and even 40s, when being a "player" might still be considered credible. (At some point, even the Player has to get real: You might just be incapable of forming a real bond with another human being. There's nothing "cool" about that deficiency. It's sad, in fact.)
As an onlooker, I bought into it: "Oh, he portrays the power of sex and religion..." Yes, he PORTRAYED the power of it, but in ACTUALITY he desecrated it. There's nothing wrong with being unable to achieve Nirvana. It's hard. But don't pretend that you have, when you haven't. That's sick.

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