Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep

Yes, I understand the concept of "Sleep when you're dead," but... sometimes extra sleep is quite appropriately appreciated in your living years.

I woke up at 8:15am today (Saturday), not having done laundry for 3 weeks. In my complex, I've tried to be the early-bird on either Saturday or Sunday morning, but have usually been flummoxed by one guy (a fat-ass schlemiel who also used to live on the east-side with me) who obviously gets up earlier than me and doesn't have any qualms about disturbing the neighbor next door pre 8am...

Today, got to the laundry first. Did 3 loads' worth. Took until 10:30am to get everything done.

I'd planned to go into work today to do overtime, but... When I was done with laundry, I was worn out. Went to sleep again on my couch. When I woke up at 2, I was again too groggy to start a day; went back to sleep. Finally woke up for real at 6pm... Now here I am at 1am, still writing on my blog because I can't/don't want to go to sleep...

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