Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Well put together

I was looking up Newt Gingrich on Wikipedia, since he might be Trump's running mate. Here's Gingrich's current wife, Callista. (Gingrich met her on Capitol Hill in '93 while she was an intern, married her in 2000.)

What struck me so much about this photo: The woman was born a year AFTER I was (me in '65, Callista in '66). I'm 50, and still feel and dress like I'm 30. This woman is only 49 yet looks like she's 65: Put together like a wealthy 65-year-old: the hair, the makeup, the pearls. I could not even conjure up the facial expression necessary for this look.... (Don't get me wrong: I think she looks good. But... as a woman of her exact generation, she's like a foreign entity to me!)

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