Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Democrat Convention 2016

Watching the Democratic convention tonight, I was struck by how many of the speakers hearkened back to, and focused on, past civil rights battles as if they were still going on today. I agree that 1954 (Brown vs. Board of Education) through 1965 were watershed years for civil rights, addressing major issues of inequality.

Today though? Today, the Democrats are touting the rights of low-life creeps like Michael Brown (Ferguson) or Trayvon Martin (Florida), both of whom were proven to have beaten the men who ultimately shot them in self-defense. Not to mention the case of Sandra Bland, which is often brought up in left-wing circles as yet another case of alleged "police brutality." Watch the YouTube video on the Bland police stop: . (Bland yells and curses at the cop until he arrests her; she later kills herself in her cell. Hillary Clinton later publicly cites Bland as an example of police "brutality.")

Personally, I'm with Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks rather than scumbags like Michael Brown and Sandra Bland. Democrats today have completely lost touch with what is truly meaninful when it comes to civil rights. They're glomming on to '50s/'60s battles that, while important then, have already been fought and won. There's nothing bold about, in 2016, declaring yourself in favor of civil rights.

Today, perhaps, the Dems, in their alleged concern for "social justice," should be focusing on why young black men are killing other young black men at such alarming rates. The Left alleges that the police are out to get young black men... But who's actually killing the "young black men"? Take a look at the murder stats. And take a look in the mirror, Black Community. Fix yourselves before you blame white people for, in 2016, allegedly subjugating you. You're fucking yourselves up, and have been doing so for a long time.

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