Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good Things About Having a Car

I haven't had a car since February 2007, when I sold my Ford Contour weeks before I moved to New York City. Didn't need a car in NYC. But once I returned to Austin in 2010, I could have used one. I never felt comfortable enough financially until now to get one. Here's why I've hated riding the bus in Austin so:

I hate many bus people. The city buses are full of nasty cursing, stinking, puking, asshole-ish people. I now won't have to be around them.

I hate some bus drivers. The ones who stop and take breaks (either pee or Coke) in the middle of their route.

I hate all of the added time at the bus stops. There might be a given time on the schedule, but very rarely does the bus arrive/depart at that time. Once I get my car, it'll be about 10 minutes from home to work. On the bus, it's almost always 45 minutes or more with all the wait time.

I love to swim. Aside from living at my mother's house for 3 months in 2010 when I first returned from NYC, I haven't been able to swim. Sure, I could lug a lawn-chair on the bus, but... no. I used to swim all the time in the summer before NY, and I look forward to it again.

I look forward to being able to buy toilet paper and taking it home without idiots on the bus making dumb-ass comments about it: "Whooo! Toilet paper!"

I look forward to driving home from the grocery store instead of hauling two bags of groceries onto the bus and then walking another half-mile to my actual home. Fall/Winter/Spring are relatively OK, but from May through September, I used to curse everyone I knew who never offered me a ride while I was sweating my way home, stopping several times to catch my breath.

I look forward to being able to buy a bookshelf or a foot-stool or a stereo component or ANYTHING. I've always had to buy things online and have them delivered.

I look forward to buying beer on sale at the grocery store instead of paying a jacked-up price at the convenience store closest to my house.

I look forward to listening to music that I want to listen to.

I look forward to meeting family members for birthdays and holidays without feeling like "the loser of the family" who has to be picked up for an occasion.

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