Sunday, July 10, 2016

OJ Dream/Birthday

Going to sleep early Friday night (July 8), I woke up early Saturday (July 9) with a very vivid OJ Simpson sex dream. At a party, I was lying naked on a couch with Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant (whom I've never found sexy at all) in front of me and OJ Simpson behind me. Plant was trying to poke his small (in the dream; in reality, who knows?) penis into me, which I kept rejecting. Simpson, from behind, starting kissing me, and I liked it. He and I didn't have sex, and I got up, but throughout the rest of the dream party, as we both kept wandering throughout rooms, I kept looking out for him and making eye contact with him, thinking "he wants me," and "how do I get to be with him again." (We never again hooked up in the dream.)
This sounds like a really cheesy sex fantasy. In the dream it was, but, seriously, I'd never fantasized about the man before.
When I woke up on the 9th, I checked out his Wikipedia page just for the hell of it: Oh...Happy July 9 Birthday, OJ.

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