Thursday, July 07, 2016

Philando Castile Shot By Police in Minnesota FULL VIDEO

Anyone think it's strange that this Millennial is more concerned with sharing her boyfriend's impending death with Facebook rather than actually comforting him in what turned out to be his final moments on this earth? She, never touching him or expressing concern, says "My phone is about to die" as many times as she says "My boyfriend is about to die." Oh, and she also worries about later needing a ride.

Had I never seen anything like this before, I'd probably believe her word. As it is, though, there's been too much crying wolf. So-called witnesses in the Michael Brown (Ferguson) and Freddie Gray (Baltimore) cases were later proven to be liars. This video only shows boyfriend Philando Castile AFTER the police shooting -- nothing that led up to it. I do not think it's a given that things happened as Diamond Reynolds says it did. (Possible, but not a given.)

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