Friday, July 08, 2016

Race Wars, 2016

RE tonight's shooting of 11 police officers in Dallas:

"A race war was predicted by Charles Manson, a scenario which he dubbed “Helter Skelter”. Based on his bizarre interpretations of Beatles lyrics, Manson concluded that black people would wipe out the rest of America’s population – all except Manson and his Family, who would be hiding in the desert. The black victors, Manson felt, would realise that they were incapable of ruling and so the Family would be able to take over... the nation."

Manson, in '68, wasn't alone in predicting a race war at that time. (Preceding his pronouncement, see seemingly apocalyptic events like the August 1965 riots in Watts.)

Here's the thing, though: From post-WWII through the early '60s, blatant instances of racial discrimination were televised and, with knowledge, subsequently corrected socially by aware white people in power in response to the protesters: buses, housing, sports, drinking fountains, etc.

Since the late '60s, though, the lines of "right and wrong" have become blurred. In 2016, actual, real-life "discrimination" is now morphed into "subconscious discrimination" and "21st-century lynching." That's where I disagree. On CNN tonight, I heard a lecture by a black commentator that I, as a white person, probably had "subconscious biases" that I didn't even know about. That's just blatant attempted brainwashing that insults my intelligence. I've been an enlightened person, and a thinker, since the age of 15. I've been reading (and interpreting for myself) national newspapers since age 9 or so. I KNOW what actual discrimination is. And what discrimination is NOT is individual fucked-up black males bullying their way around neighborhoods and then getting called on it: even if "getting called on it" equals getting shot in response to their own aggressive behavior.

The stats are staggering: There are FAR more murders of black males by other black males than any police shootings of black males. Chicago is a war zone only because black males have made it a war zone. See also Oakland. And Baltimore. And Detroit. The violence in those cities has nothing to do with "mean policemen."

Until the Black community corrects its own sociopathy, nothing is going to change.

As for an impending "Race War": Blacks are 13% of the population. Who do you think's going to win? It's probably better to try the intellectual, moral route rather than shooting policemen in Dallas.

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