Tuesday, August 02, 2016

"I can almost remember their funny faces..."

Jesus. I just found out via the Internet that a woman I once slept with back in the '90s named "Jenn" is now going by "Jett." Back in the day, she was a rather sluggish lesbian community-college student. Today, though, "Jett" is a "filmmaker" and, according to "Jett's" website, refuses to identify "Jett's" gender. (Yeah, there's no "her" pronoun anywhere on the "About" section of the site. The language is painfully repetitive with "Jett" and "their.")

According to "Jett"'s profile on the IMDb: "I have the female perspective with the male gaze." OK, Jett. Whatever you say, Jett.

Personally, I've decided that I'm going to stop calling myself "Steph" and instead take up "Stuff" --- I refuse to be defined by a biology-based society!

Seriously, though: I am annoyed by the various public contortions of those who simply have no clue. Because they're so confused, they attempt to turn the confusion around to the majority, as in this definition of "intersex" from Wikipedia:

...Hida Viloria of OII-USA notes that, as a person born with an intersex body who has a non-binary sense of gender identity that "matches" he/r body, s/he is both cisgender and gender non-conforming, presumably opposites according to cisgender's definition, and that this evidences the term's basis on a binary sex model that does not account for intersex people's existence; s/he also critiques the fact that the term "sex assigned at birth" is utilized in one of cisgender's definitions without noting that babies are assigned male or female irregardless of intersex status in most of the world, stating that doing so obfuscates the birth of intersex babies and frames gender identity within a binary male/female sex model which fails to account for both the existence of natally congruent gender non-confoming gender identities, and gender-based discrimination against intersex people based on natal sex characteristics rather than on gender identity or expression, such as "normalizing" infant genital surgeries...

Did you get that?

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