Monday, August 22, 2016

Not too much Change at the same time!

My current apartment lease was up at the end of August, and Texas law has required for years now that you give your landlord 2 months' notice, rather than the 1 month of yester-year.

In June, I spent some time browsing Craigslist/Austin for available places to rent, hoping for a miraculous garage apartment (no adjoining walls) or a duplex (i.e., only one adjoining wall with a hopefully unobnoxious neighbor). Everything decent was over $1300 per month, and my budget was decidedly below $1200 per month. My current place's rent was $875 when I moved in as a sublet in January 2015; my new lease in August 2015 jacked up the rent to $925; my new lease in August 2016 was now $1000 per month. Still, because I'd sublet the current place, I had no deposit. If I were to move, I'd have to put up a $1200 deposit, plus $800 or so to move all of my now-heavy furniture.

This summer, I had a financial choice: Car or Move. I chose Car. That was enough for the time being. I re-signed my lease for 1 year, at $1000 a month.

Since I moved in to this place a year-and-a-half ago, my annoyances have been: A family of 5 living in one apartment 2 doors down from me, with their shrieking kids running amock; another family downstairs, also with shrieking kids running about in the post-school hours; a motorcycle guy revving up every time he comes home or goes out; the guy below me yelling constantly (he's apparently situated himself right below my "study" --- after months of his loudness, I just gave up on that room altogether and moved my computer up front onto my kitchen table).

A couple of weeks ago, though, a new problem arose: The guys next door had been, for the most part, quiet since I'd moved in, but every now and then they hung out outside on the walk, or in the stairwell that adjoined my apartment, at 3 or 4am. Last week, one of them came home at 3:45am and cranked up his stereo until I left for work at 7 am. I reported it to my apartment manager, who vowed the next day to give them a noise warning, but that very day when I came home from work, they were cranking up their stereo for 2 hours. That was last Wednesday. And they've been quiet in the week since. But the memory of that horror hovers... Did they listen to the warning that the management supposedly issued? When will the music start up again? I haven't been able to relax for the past week, always on edge, always waiting for the bass to kick in...

Odd that you can be paying $1000 for an apartment and STILL have to be living around lowlifes. What amount does it take to get you away from screaming kids, biker dicks, yelling guys, and loudly emoting aging club-kids?

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