Monday, August 08, 2016

One of the best things about my new car...

I can go swimming again! The last time I went swimming was in 2010, when I got back from NYC and was living with my mother for a couple of months (she lived in a community that had a pool one block away from her house that I could walk to).
Why couldn't I go swimming after that without a car? Because I like a lawn-chair to lie out in (that I couldn't haul around on the bus), because I didn't want to go home on a bus with the wet swimsuit seeping through my t-shirt and shorts and my hair looking like shit.
My new car of 2 weeks ago also involved BUYING A NEW SWIMSUIT for the first time in over 10 years a $160 suit from Dillard's on sale for $60 -- I'm sure that the suit wasn't worth anywhere near $160 to begin with, but that, at least, is what the original tag said. And that's the psychology of August. When most DON'T want swimsuits, but I DO.
My car has been the impetus for all sorts of things, but being able to swim again is so important to my psychological well-being. I feel FREE in a pool. I feel healthier after being outdoors for 2 hours breathing fresh air and soaking in sun. I get exercise splashing around (I don't do laps or anything, but I do swim for 20 mins., then lie out for 20 mins., then swim again, etc.). And I look like I want to look with a tan.
Thank you new car and swimsuit.

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