Wednesday, September 28, 2016

a-ha -- Take On Me (1985)

Muscato on Twitter:
Hearing a-ha's "Take on Me" on a gray rainy Wednesday morning while riding on a shuttle bus = unreasonably exhilarating...

When I heard the same song coming home from lunch a couple of weeks ago, I noted it as "stupidly exhilarating."

(Why "unreasonably" or "stupidly"? Maybe because some of us are now middle-aged and long-time cynics... We first saw this video on MTV when MTV was new and fresh, and the video itself both cutting-edge at the time AND sweet. What a thrill to FEEL something again by accident 30 years later...What a thrill to be flashed back to when we had possibilities...)

Goosebump-raising for me, like hearing early Beatles.

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