Monday, September 12, 2016

A Master's degree and $44,000 a year...

...and the only place I can afford in Austin is a $1000 per month shitty '70s apartment with a rotating cast of "diversity" in neighbors:

Loud black guy downstairs who is constantly yelling either at his wife or into his phone. His headquarters is the room right below my extra room... I've since abandoned that room completely, taking my computer out to the kitchen table, where I don't have to listen to him for hours.
An ongoing, interchangeable loud 20-something group of white guys next door who are constantly blaring their music or hanging out on the stoop at 3am. (I've reported them 4 times now to the management.)
Two Hispanic families with at least 5 people stuffed into apartments the size I'm living in by myself. When I first moved in over a year ago, their kids were running amok, but they seem to have settled down now. (At least the kids aren't riding their trikes in front of my apartment any more; and the downstairs dad isn't playing his fucking TRUMPET out in the courtyard any more.)
A white biker guy who revs up his motorcycle every single time he either leaves the parking lot or comes home.

And this is in a $1000-a-month apartment!

You know, "diversity" is swell until you actually have to live around it.

What I think is even worse, though, is my mother's living situation in Austin's Mueller development. She likes it just fine, but I would be horrified by it. She had a house built from scratch in 2010. And now, as it turns out, the house behind her is something that some rich parents bought for their asshole 20-something kids who play in a band and practice in their (I'm-sure-shitty) band daily. Her ZIP code is also one of the two most burglarized districts in all of Austin --- the Mueller development is for middle-class people, but it was built in the middle of a bunch of poor low-lifes who rob Mueller. In addition, there's a dick-flasher on the loose in the development, and an actual rapist who's attacked women on the Mueller trails.

THAT is what is horrifying. I can't afford shit, so I have to live around shit. No surprise. But my 75-year-old mother earned the right to live in a decent neighborhood, yet she now has to live amidst this crap. I'm used to crappiness, but the Mueller situation is the worst. Purely because both the Neighborhood Association and the police won't crack down on everything that's been reported.

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