Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Police use of force protests: Charlotte, Tulsa

Terrence Crutcher in Tulsa, who stopped his car in the middle of the street, was drunk and on PCP (found in his vehicle), and Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte pulled a gun on police. Why are there riots when sleazy guys like this get shot? (BTW: The police officer in Charlotte who shot Scott was black.)

Perhaps riots would be better directed at Chicago, where 500 black men have been shot by black men in 2016 alone. 500 blacks shot by blacks in Chicago this year. Where are THOSE riots?

I have been "socially aware" since the age of 15. Today, at 50, I see that today's black protests are painfully "straining for meaning" and thus ridiculous. There's no real discrimination in American society in 2016, yet blacks stretch for something, anything, to blame why, in 2016, they're still behind every other segment of American society. Take a look in the mirror instead: Take a look at your crime rates, your out-of-wedlock births, etc.

When blacks were being hosed on the streets and forced to ride on the back of the bus, I had sympathy. I had sympathy with the "Black Power" fists-raised protests at the '68 Olympics.

Today, I have no sympathy. I have no sympathy for SF 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was raised as a baby by upper-middle-class WHITE parents and who makes millions per year, yet now pretends to be uber-black. I have no sympathy for black people who protest when criminals are shot by police, usually only because they have provoked police. 

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