Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Standin’ by My Man Like Tammy Wynette

This interview back in '92 initially made me a fan of Hillary Clinton's: I like sarcasm. Today, though, when re-listening: Heck, how creepily phony is that put-on Southern Accent?

As of 2016: Hillary Clinton has stood for nothing her entire life. Goldwater Girl in high school? Switch to Democrat when in college because it's trendy. Feel, as a feminist, you should keep your last name of "Rodham"? Switch to your husband's name after Arkansas voters complain. Initially against Bush's made-up war in Iraq? Eh, go ahead and vote for it when you're in the Senate --- you may be running for President soon and want to appeal to what you think will be The Middle.

And what did Hillary Clinton ever accomplish in either the Senate or in her few years in the State Department, other than resume padding? (Not to mention the actual disastrous Middle Eastern policies over the past 8 years: Egypt, Libya, Syria now in chaos. Hillary Clinton came in as a resume-padding place-holder, but she actually caused harm with her ignorance and negligence. BTW: I also think Obama caused harm with his own ignorance of the job: You don't raise a one-term Senator/"community organizer" to the office of the Presidency--and his accompanying lack of understanding of the economy and of world affairs--without detrimental consequences.)

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