Tuesday, October 04, 2016

My malaise is my hairdresser's fault.


OK, not really. I've felt malaise since July. I've had the same hairdresser for a year and a half or so.

What my hairdresser extremely just fucked up last week, though: I've told her from the beginning: DON'T EVER do that "slicing thing" with the edge of the scissors on my hair. It has NEVER worked. After a year and half of explaining my hair to her, I hear that horrible, grating, slicing sound... When I said, "WHOA! No! Don't do that on my thinning hair!" she replied insouciantly, "Noted."

Yeah, you were told to NOTE THIS a year and a half ago! God...

The right side of my hair looks like shit.

Worse, I've been going to this Aveda salon across from my workplace for over 2 years. This hairdresser is the 3rd one, and she's just as mediocre as the first two. I've got to now change AGAIN. Where the hell do I go now? I liked the temple and hand massages a lot (the only time anyone touches me), but... what's the use of temple/hand massages if your hair ends up looking like shit?

(It's a deceptively simple "long bob" that I've been after.)

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