Thursday, October 13, 2016

Weird New York Times video: Trump Groping Allegations 1979

"If he had stuck with the upper part of the body, I might not have gotten that upset." This is only a brief NYTimes-created/sponsored clip (unheard of by a supposedly serious US media outlet---did the Times offer a heavily-produced video clip for Paula Jones back in the '90s?).

If you watch the full 30-minute interview with Jessica Leeds on Anderson Cooper, she reveals: This make-out session happened in 1979. Trump was not yet famous or powerful. Trump was 33 years old; Leeds was 37 years old. (She says in the Cooper interview that she's now 74, which means she was born in in 1942; Trump was born in 1946.) 

I'm sorry... A 33-year-old guy making out with a 37-year-old woman on a plane isn't IN ANY WAY sexual harrassment. It's two people feeling horny at the moment. The Cooper CNN interview didn't include the "If he had stuck with the upper part of the body..." quote.

p.s. I was raped in 2000 by a guy claiming to be gay whom I invited home from a gay club hoping to just hang out. When I was in college in the '80s, I was sexually harrassed by both professors and grad students --- yes, actually promised better grades for "a date." I've also made out with a guy in a SuperShuttle on the way to New York City who was just in for the weekend, as I was. Today, I don't feel bad at all about the SuperShuttle "incident." But I am permanently psychologically marked by the rapist who claimed to be gay and the straight professors/grad students who suggested that I "date" them for a better grade.

This idiotic New York Times video demeans the actual psychological damage caused by actual rape and actual sexual harrassment. (Making out, on the other hand, is just making out.)

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