Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016: You Spin Me Round -- Pete Burns

Pete Burns singing "You Spin Me Round" in 2016.
What was interesting in 1985 had turned into utter psychosis 30 years later. The song remained the same, but the singer now nothing but a diminutive middle-aged man with a horribly re-done plastic face pretending to be a diva... then having to share the stage with whoever that random guy was. And everybody pretending that it was all still sexy and meaningful... Whatever happened to Pete Burns' EYES? They were so teasing and inviting and sexy in the '85 video; by 2016, they were dumb-nothing utterly blank slits embedded in a plastic face.
Try as the Gay Community might to reconstruct, "camp" will never equal true "sexiness." (Not "joke sexy" as the Gay World and Media present, but actual sexiness --- where you're too moved/struck by another person to make any sort of fun. Well, until later...)

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