Monday, November 14, 2016

Black Men Brutally Attack Old White Guy For Voting Trump

Who are the real racists?

Since Trump's election last week, I've received 4 global e-mails from leaders at my University workplace, all along the lines of: "...The Campus Climate Response team received multiple complaints about allegedly threatening signs and comments. We take these reports seriously and are responding to them. We are also watching the national events closely — including allegations of students at other universities being targeted. Such actions are intolerable, and we will do everything we can as a university to support any members of the UT community who feel they are being targeted. The university is already developing new policies to respond to bias incidents, and we will have a proposal to share with the campus for feedback soon. Already this year the university has taken several initial steps to facilitate a faster institutional response to bias incidents...."

What is most insane about the above is that the post-election (much as the pre-election) violence has come from ANTI-Trump people! Pre-election, Wikileaks posted proof that radicals were being PAID to intentionally infiltrate Trump rallies and pick fights! Post-election, it's the radicals marching and picking fights! Yet... I get a message at my university workplace stating that the same radicals are now feeling "threatened" and that we should "support" them....

It's insane. It's Trump people who are being "targeted." See the below post-election video shot in Chicago. I myself almost didn't put a Trump sticker on my car back in July because I was afraid of idiots damaging my car. (Nothing has happened to my car; but it's sad and telling that in America, I was actually afraid of something happening to it. Luckily, Austin is rather mellow. Imagine if I lived in Oakland or Chicago, though. THERE is where the real fascism resides.)

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