Sunday, November 06, 2016

Margaret Glaspy - Emotions and Math (Official Video)

I've been listening to Austin's independent radio station KUTX to and from work (too lazy to pick a CD for the day). And I hear this thing EVERY TIME! I HATE IT! But then I got curious about why I hated it so much. Initially, because the singer was trying to be hip and cool while singing about missing someone. It was phony. And the lyrics were bad: "Counting all the days 'til you're back / shivering in an ice-cold bath... " UGH. (Taking a cold bath to assuage desire? Did you read that in a 1952 romance novel?)

And I was so obsessed with how bad the overplayed song was, I had to go find this video and then look up Glaspy online. Is there some irony there? Is Glaspy secretly a really wild chick pretending to be an office-gal, singing in an office-gal's alleged "voice"? Well, no. She's not secretly a wild chick, she's an uptight leftist chick raised in California, later went to elite music schools. Now here she is being ironic about allegedly having a day job and singing songs for the masses. So fucking annoying. Like Sylvia Plath trying to sing a pop song.

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