Friday, December 16, 2016

First Lady Michelle Obama on husband's legacy of hope

Wow. Michelle Obama: "Now we're feelin' what not having hope feels like." I must protest: The last 8 years have been nothing but hopelessness --- for ME, at least. Prior to 2008, I had my pick of jobs. Post 2008 and until very recently, I've had to scrounge for work.

Stat-wise, prior to 2008, there were fewer people on welfare, more people in the job market. The ignorant Michelle Obama, her ignorant husband, and the ignorant Hillary Clinton (still making paid appearances to bemoan her loss) all need to shut up and go away. Their false PC definition of "Hope" failed years ago. Barack Obama was as incompetent as George W. Bush. To the Dustbin of History with both of them and their surrogates.

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