Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mother/Daughter Exits

[Pictured: April 1954. Joan Crawford at a premiere with Debbie Reynolds.]

I personally am more schlubby like Carrie Fisher (though much less drug-addled), who died on December 27, but I more admire Debbie Reynolds, who died the day after. Reynolds had actual talent and pizzazz.

Fisher, although she had immediate success in a lucky "Star Wars" gig (couldn't a hundred other starlets have been placed into that role?), went on to basically make a career (aside from marrying Paul Simon and appearing in "When Harry Met Sally") only of writing about her Hollywood life, received as daughter of Debbie Reynolds, usually told in relation to Debbie Reynolds.

Reynolds, on the other hand... The last of the truly talented Hollywood stars. Singer/dancer/actress. Entity/"force" unto herself.

Fisher often joked about her mother upstaging her. This is, perhaps, the ultimate "upstaging." Now I hear talk about a dual funeral!

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