Monday, December 12, 2016

Peace Through Nixon

I have about 800 books around my apartment. Am usually not reading or re-reading them because...I'm so concerned about what's going on online! But... I used to really like to read. This past weekend I made an attempt to "get back to my roots." Starting with a trilogy of Nixon bios by Stephen Ambrose. I'm halfway through the first one.

The childhood story that I will always remember: My mother (not pro-Nixon) says that whenever I was little (around 3, in 1968) and Nixon would come on the television, I would always stop whatever I was doing and sit down and watch him. Later, in 1974, when he was forced to resign (and I had more free will at age 9), I wrote him a letter telling him how sorry I was for what had happened to him.

Another Nixon side-note: The only book I've ever shoplifted (from a Ridgmar Mall bookstore in Fort Worth when I was 16 in the early '80s) was a paperback of Nixon's "The Real War." WHY???

A too-much-information p.s.: I had really bad sex on the day that Nixon died --- April 22, 1994. I remember this exactly because the man I was seeing and I had usually had really good, friendly sex. But on this day, he and I had gone from work to a bar, where we watched Nixon death coverage on news stations while we drank. We then went back to my place, had sex-by-rote, me sullen afterwards, him puzzled by why I was acting so cold. To the point where he asked me, "Why are you acting like this?" I don't think "Nixon" would have been the appropriate answer!

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