Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Movin' Out!

I'll have some fond memories of this place. One, because it was the first genuine place I had after 4-1/2 years in a one-room apartment in Austin after returning from NYC (which I'd taken and then stayed in because I had no choice financially). My current/soon-to-be-former place, at nearly 800 sq ft, allowed me some space to express myself with my new-found money to buy furnishings.

The first thing I wanted after 4 years in one room was a study. Specifically a study that I could hang my 2 new Weehawken, New Jersey (circa 1898) prints in. I got a study, decorated it how I liked on my slightly expanded budget. (Love my "Thought Fox" pillow.) But within a week of my moving in to the apartment in February 2015, I soon discovered that the neighbor below me had his headquarters directly below my "study." Where he yelled (either at his wife or on the phone) for hours upon hours each evening. His yelling drove me completely out of the room within a couple of months. I never hung the Weehawken prints (was/am now still saving them for a special place). The room became just a storage place for my books.

I liked my living room.

But I didn't want to spend ALL of my time in it! I wasn't allowed a cable connection in the bedroom, so I often spent nights on my living room couch going to sleep while watching TV. And, because I was driven out of my study, I moved my computer to the kitchen table directly to the right of the living room --- instead of some sort of writing/reading "sanctuary," I instead got to hear all of the comings and goings from the parking lot and from the jerk hanging out next door.

And I liked my bedroom.

But almost entirely because of my own decorations. The bedroom, too, had a parking lot right outside. And an apartment staircase right behind the wall. And, as it turned out, the bedroom wall, advertised as "not adjoining" anything, did indeed adjoin the punk 20-something next door, with whom I had a music battle for 3 months last August through October (eventually quieted by the apartment manager after my many complaints).

In October 2015, I had the first apartment flood. Repeated again 4 times in the past month (December 2016 thru January 2017).

The fifth flood was the last straw. My lease wasn't officially up until much later this year, but upon the last non-fixed roof leak (last Friday), I now have "permission" to move out early!!! For the past few months, I'd been mentally counting down the long months... Now, I'm moving very soon, at a date that I chose, which is many months sooner than when my official lease was up. (Apartment management was, perhaps, grateful, that I didn't pursue a big, stinking lawsuit.)

I actually liked this place, space-wise and location-wise. The leaks I didn't like, of course. But... had there not been the obnoxious yelling man downstairs, I probably would have stayed. (The recent loud music and last year's loud kids, the management took care of. But there was still the ongoing loud motorcycle guy and firecracker kids and partying kids, etc. Always something constantly going on. The loud man is the primary reason, though; according to management, that couple has been living in the apartment below me for a whopping 17 years. I would have NEVER escaped that man's voice.)

B'bye, place! Time to move on.

Things are extremely expensive in Austin right now, though. Although I have $1200 per month in my budget to spend for rent (I'm paying $1000 per month for the current shitty place), I have scoured Craig's List, and... I'm not going to get much better than what I have right now. What I'd like for the new place: (1) QUIET NEIGHBORS! (2) No children screaming in the daytime, no 20-somethings screaming in the nighttime. (3) My own washer and dryer. (4) A walking neighborhood? (Ha! If I truly want "quiet" and sans kids of all ages, I'm probably going to have to go west. I don't know "west." I'm pretty sure I hate "west." Much as I don't really like Austin now, I've always, for the past 30-something years, lived within the core of the city. And now I'm about to be driven out.)

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