Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What my promotion and raise today mean to me:

A washer and dryer
A place for my patio set that I bought in 2015 but never unpacked
A place where I can play my music
A place to get a kitten
A place high-priced enough so that I don't have to live around students and/or other assorted low-lifes

Oh yeah, and: I'm finally in my price-range for my age and experience as an editor.

Hours after finding out the good news, I got a call from a random old acquaintance... I was on such a clear, cool high, but after talking to her... Yuck. The same old "yuck" from the past 8 years. Hard to explain, but, in short: She doesn't give a shit about me. Which didn't coincide at all with the cool, clear way I've been feeling on my own lately. This person has always made me feel like shit. As does my mother. Why? After years of wondering why, I've finally accepted that it is what it is: Don't be in contact with these folks any more.

I got a raise and a promotion today.

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