Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wow! Iceberg Slim "Pimp" soundtrack


In 2012 , I found myself digging thru the my closet and saw in the mix of my many random books, Iceberg Slims "Pimp" which I had stole from the library in the mid 90's. One of my favorite books due to it being a moment in Black history that is still somewhat taboo, I decided to read it for the umpteenth time which took about 2 days to complete. As I was reading I noticed all the songs Iceberg Slim name drops thruout the book. These songs were the soundtracks of his pimping days of the late 30's, 40's and 50's. When I first read the book in the mid 90's I had no access to a quick search like Youtube....But in 2012, with the click of a mousepad I could now listen to the songs that would be the background music to Iceberg Slims journey.

I wrote the above webmaster after reading "Pimp" over the weekend and discovering the above site:

I love your all-encompassing search for the reality of Iceberg Slim's world. I am completely not of the pimp world, but I am a fan of Joan Crawford --- and the impulse to re-create her world and music have been exactly the same with me as a webmaster. You did a great, interesting job here.

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