Monday, February 20, 2017

A couple of good things that come with a raise.

Well, more than "a couple." I have my car, and a chance at a better place to live, because of my job and my boss's recognition of my work.

Overall: I can buy whatever books and CDs on Amazon I want (usually used---I still have the poor-person's habit: Why buy brand new when used is nearly as good?). I also now feel like I can order exactly what I want from a fast-food restaurant rather than relying on their "value menu" (i.e., spending $8 rather than $6).

In truth, I could probably branch out beyond the above. It still feels kind of scary to, though. My $100 Joan Crawford shower curtain purchased a couple of years ago was already radical enough, after years of temping in NYC and Austin and having only a $5 liner for a curtain.

I'm always aware that I can never relax completely: Things can go bad at any time. BUT... Sometimes there's a break in the waves and you CAN indeed relax a little... You can, really?

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