Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"Thank you, Babe. Be careful."

Trump is sexy. #1: He praises Kellyanne Conway for kicking ass. #2: He praises her for kicking ass for HIM, and he's grateful. #3: He affectionately calls her "babe" in public.

(Now, if a random asshole or dick calls you "babe" in a put-down, condescending way... that's when you get your feminist ire up. But not with a man you admire and who has just told the world that he admires you.)

As a send-off, Trump tells her to "be careful" on her way down the stairs. Which is incredibly sweet and sexy.

For example: I once had a terrible girlfriend; one of her redeeming qualities in my mind, though, is the fact that when we once drove together to a junkyard to get a part for her car, she told me to stay in the car because "I don't want those guys to look at you."

Or how 'bout: The winter after I came home from grad school in the '90s, I had nowhere to stay but at my brother's/girlfriend's place. Both me and his girlfriend (now wife) had to get to work on a day with semi-icy roads. My brother's girlfriend wanted to drive herself, but he insisted on driving for her --- the roads weren't safe. I had to make exactly the same "trek" on the same roads, but no one cared whether or not I made it safely. Both of us could have safely driven ourselves to work. But I thought it sweet of my brother for making such a big deal about driving his "woman" to work. (While simultaneously being depressed by the fact that I had no one to care about whether or not I made it anywhere safely.)

Trump's telling Kellyanne Conway to "be careful" while walking down a few stairs is gentlemanly and sweet.

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