Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Place


Ronald Danley said...

Hi this is Ron from the Joan Crawford chat room. Very very nice apartment. I cannot help but think when you had first moved into your one-room apartment, and at the time it was okay with you to live in such a small place because you just had to get away from your Mother...who only made you feel miserable about yourself.
I remember reading your blogs on all the temping assignments who had to endure to eek out a living, and at the time barely support yourself. Boy has your life changed for the better. Now you have a stable job, a beautiful apartment plus a car. As the old saying goes. "You've come a long way baby. You take care, Ron.

Beth Austin said...

Ron---you are SO nice! :) Thank you for your kind words; and I can't believe you remembered all of my "travails" over the past few years! Yes, I'm feeling a bit better off nowadays than I was 5 or 6 years ago...VERY grateful to have found the job that I have, which made the car, and makes the nicer apartment, possible. Lesson I learned: Keep plugging away, even when feeling your lowest! Thanks again, Ron.